Published on 22 April 2023 at 20:45

Medium: Graphite, size 8 x 10 inches

Date: 2010


Sasha, the Havanese dog of Susan and Lucienne.  Only half of her face was visible in the photo.  Sasha was a rambunctious animal, consistently cheerful with a spring in her steps and a gleam in her big eyes. She was vivacious and sociable and was full of energy and always ready to play. 


As an artist, I strive to capture the essence of my subjects in my work. In this portrait of a Havanese dog with moderate fur, I aimed to convey the playful and affectionate nature of this small yet lively breed. The Havanese is known for its silky coat and expressive eyes, and I wanted to capture these features in my portrait.

Using soft shades of graphite, I skillfully rendered the dog’s fur, capturing the texture and movement of the coat. The moderate length of the fur added depth and dimension to the image, giving the impression of a living, breathing animal.

The dog’s eyes were a focal point of the portrait, conveying a sense of intelligence and curiosity. I captured the sparkle in the dog’s eyes, giving the viewer a glimpse into its lively personality.

I composed the portrait in a well-balanced manner, positioning the dog’s head slightly off-center to create visual interest. The background was kept simple, allowing the viewer to focus on the portrait.

Overall, this Havanese dog portrait with moderate fur is a beautiful representation of this beloved breed. I skillfully captured the essence of the Havanese, creating a timeless image that will be cherished by dog lovers for years to come.


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