Becoming a Shaman

Published on 10 June 2023 at 00:08

Medium: Watercolor

Date: 1986


This picture depicts a shaman and an acolyte who is aspiring to become a shaman. The shaman is adorned with a mask representing a horned animal with a snake on its forehead. Through meditation, the shaman delves deep within himself to access a reservoir of spirituality. This spirituality encompasses both positive and negative aspects. The horned animal and the snake serve as symbols of transformative energy, representing both its benevolent and malevolent powers. Rays of intense energy emanate from the shaman as he concentrates. One might question whether he intends to assist or harm his acolyte in their quest to become a shaman.

"Sein oder nicht sein, das ist die Frage."

To be or not to be, that is the question. This famous quote from Hamlet encapsulates the dilemma at hand.

The shaman holds a figure firmly in his mouth. This figure has been diligently working towards the path of shamanism. Thus far, the figure has developed large eyes that emit powerful beams of light. It hopes to be on the verge of complete transformation into a shaman, but there remains a crucial test to be passed. This trial can be referred to as the liberation from the shaman's grasp or the revelation of the guide's secrets on how to elevate an ordinary individual to someone capable of navigating deceit or harnessing the immense power of love for internal transformation.

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