The Smith Family

Published on 27 May 2023 at 22:59


Medium: Watercolor

Date: 2007

My friend Jack, also known as “Uncle Scrooge,” had a special request for me. He wanted me to create a portrait of the Smith family, whom he held dear to his heart. The portrait was to be the perfect size to fit beside his grand old desk. To ensure that each family member was represented in a way that reflected their individuality, Jack sent the Smiths to the museum to study old master portraits and choose an image that spoke to them. The son chose a sword as his symbol of bravery and adventure. The mother was drawn to the background of the Mona Lisa, which she discovered in a photograph. The father simply wanted to stand next to his beloved wife. And the daughter was captivated by the image of the Virgin with a starry halo from the 12th century. With these choices in mind, I gathered several photos of the family members and added their chosen images as I imagined them.

Jack wanted this portrait to capture not only their likeness but also their personalities and interests. The son’s love for adventure and bravery was represented by the sword he held in his hand. The mother’s appreciation for art and beauty was captured in the background reminiscent of the Mona Lisa. The father’s devotion to his wife was evident as he was beside her, his hand on her shoulder. The daughter’s fascination with history and spirituality was reflected in her choice of the Virgin with a starry halo from the 12th century. I then surrounded this watercolor portrait with a frame of pale gold to emphasize the worth of family relationships.

I put all my heart into this portrait, making sure every detail felt right. And when I presented it to Jack, he was overjoyed. He said it was like looking at his family through a window into their souls.


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