The Pyramid of the Rising Sun

Published on 17 May 2024 at 16:06

Medium: Watercolor on paper

Date: 1985


The Pyramid of the Rising Sun

Welcome to this week's art feature on my blog! I'm thrilled to share with you a watercolor piece that has been a labor of love and a profound exploration of the surreal. As an artist, I strive to create works that not only captivate the eye but also engage the mind, prompting viewers to delve into the deeper layers of meaning and emotion. This piece is no exception, offering a vivid tableau that examines the interplay of dichotomy, complexity, and unity.

The Mastery of Technique

Watercolor is a medium that demands precision and control, and in this piece, I aimed to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with it. The vibrant and dynamic composition showcases a combination of sharp contrasts and smooth gradients, achieved through the wet-on-dry technique. This method allows for the creation of distinct, crisp edges, particularly in the detailed feathers of the blue bird and the fiery central figure.

Each brushstroke is deliberate, contributing to the overall cohesion of the work. The meticulous blending of colors and careful delineation of forms ensure that every element, no matter how disparate, feels integral to the composition. This unity through technique underscores the thematic exploration of harmony amidst complexity.

Symbolism: Layers of Meaning

Symbolism plays a crucial role in my art, and this piece is rich with multi-layered imagery that invites multiple interpretations:

  1. The Bird and the Fiery Figure: Dominating the upper portion of the canvas, a large blue bird with outstretched wings takes center stage. This bird, a symbol of freedom and transcendence, is juxtaposed with a central fiery face that radiates intense energy and transformation. Together, they represent the balance between liberation and power, hinting at the duality of the human spirit that seeks both freedom and control.
  2. Pyramid and Rainbow Colors: The pyramid, colored with the full spectrum of the rainbow, stands as a beacon of enlightenment and ascension. Pyramids often symbolize a connection between the earthly and the divine, suggesting a journey toward higher understanding. The rainbow colors within this structure emphasize diversity and inclusivity, implying that enlightenment encompasses all facets of existence.
  3. Aquatic Creatures: At the bottom of the piece, serene aquatic creatures introduce an element of tranquility. These creatures, seemingly at peace in the water, represent the subconscious mind, the hidden depths of our psyche that coexist with our conscious thoughts. Their calm presence beneath the fiery and airy elements above highlights the balance between the known and the unknown, the visible and the hidden.

Color as a Narrative Tool

Color is a powerful tool in conveying the emotional and symbolic undertones of this artwork. The palette is both vibrant and strategic:

  • Blue: Dominant throughout the piece, blue represents calmness, depth, and expansiveness. It connects the sky, the bird, and the water, creating a sense of continuity and unity across different elements.
  • Red and Orange: These fiery hues around the central figure symbolize energy, passion, and transformation. They stand out against the cooler tones, drawing the viewer’s eye and emphasizing the central theme of dynamic change.
  • Rainbow Spectrum: The inclusion of the rainbow within the pyramid suggests unity in diversity, reinforcing the idea that all parts, though varied, contribute to a harmonious whole.

Dichotomy, Complexity, and Unity

The interplay of dichotomy and complexity is a hallmark of this watercolor piece. By juxtaposing elements of fire and water, air and earth, freedom and containment, I aimed to explore opposing forces coexisting within a single composition. The bird and fiery face embody freedom and power, while the tranquil aquatic creatures symbolize serenity and the subconscious. This balance of opposites invites reflection on the dualities present in our own lives.

Complexity is evident in the intricate details and layers of symbolism. Every element, from the bird’s feathers to the textures and patterns within the pyramid, adds depth to the piece. This complexity is not chaotic but rather meticulously structured, contributing to the richness of the artwork.

Despite the diverse elements and bold colors, the piece achieves a remarkable sense of unity. The recurring use of blue ties different parts together, while the central pyramid anchors the composition. This unity amidst diversity suggests a coherent journey toward enlightenment, where all aspects, no matter how contrasting, find their place within the grand tapestry of existence.


As an artist, my goal is to create works that resonate on multiple levels, inviting viewers to explore the balance of opposing forces, the complexity of existence, and the unity that binds diverse elements together. This surreal watercolor piece is a vivid exploration of themes that resonate deeply with human experience. Through precise technique, rich symbolism, and a vibrant color palette, I hope to inspire a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe we inhabit. Thank you for joining me in this journey, and I look forward to sharing more of my art with you in future features.

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