Thoughts of a Peaceful Man

Published on 4 August 2023 at 20:51

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Medium: Ink on Paper

Date: 2010

A Serendipitous Discovery
Wrapped in the joy of creating 'Thoughts of a Peaceful Man,' a humongous 4x8 feet ink drawing, a delightful happenstance introduced me to a unique type of paper, which I found on Canal Street. An amusing trip to Pearl Paint, then the world's largest art supply house, had me learn that my newly found love was no more than a humble backing for gummed labels! Not a common artist material, yet when caressed with India Ink, it offered a magical possibility of unlimited do-overs. So, I joyfully went about using it for this drawing!

A Bouquet of Symbols
The image carries an amusing interpretation: the peaceful man in this picture is none other than a mini-me, the little Asian-like figure above the grand bird. The vibrant yellow bird could well be an eagle, while the snake held in its beak is a nod to my fascination for similar depictions in Mexican art. Quite humorously, the man, the bird, and the snake, all turn out to be delightful aspects of yours truly!

A Rainbow of Tools
The drawing came alive with India ink and the vibrant colors of some beautiful Korean pens. This jolly creation saw the light of day in about 2010. A cherished photograph holds its memory, for the once-vivid colors have now shyly faded into near invisibility.

Friends in Surprising Places
Ever noticed a friend's face on a bird's? I did, in this drawing! Although unintentional, I recognized my good friend's expression on the bird's face. The delightful surprise didn't end there. When this friend saw it, he exclaimed, "This is the face of a turtle!" Well, he was my muse all right, but more an eagle than a turtle!

The Journey of Artistic Evolution
In this merry masterpiece, I depicted the bird starting to pull apart the snake. But wait, there's a twist in this tale! I plan to revisit this scene, retaining the scale but reshaping it into a Japanese 6-fold screen. This time, however, no bird-snake showdown, for they represent two parts of me that I believe should remain intact. Let's just say, it'll be more of a friendly match!

Borrowing from the Land of the Rising Sun
Did you spot the red and white squares? They symbolize clouds, a concept borrowed from a lovely pavilion in Kyoto. The sight of these squares adorned in gold leaf amidst stunning landscapes painted on a brown wood wall left a deep impression. Every time I look at this painting, I joyfully relive the moment our tour group stood outside the pavilion, peering at it over a babbling brook.

The Jovial Paradox of the Peaceful Man
Ah, the peaceful man! It's a label that carries a hint of mirth. Yes, we harbor peace in our hearts, but let's not forget the amusing contradiction – we also house a fiery rage and anger! Such is the paradox of the peaceful man!


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